Travelling in Ukraine. Part I

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There are many countries with a unique history and culture, with rich historical past. Everyone has heard about the ancient sights of Turkey, Egypt, European countries, but very few people fully realize that Ukraine can offer a lot as well: the architectural monuments of Kiev and Lviv where group and private excursions are regularly held, world-famous fortresses, ancient temples and monasteries - Ukraine has something for even the most demanding traveler; and fascinating stories of private guides will allow to fully understand the uniqueness of this country.

Private tours in Ukraine

Ukraine is the oldest European state with centuries of history and rich culture, and each of its regions has material monuments that have been preserved from ancient times to our days, which can rightly be called the pearls of the Ukrainian land. People are still impressed by the monumental fortresses of the Middle Ages, lush palaces and manors of the feudal era, ancient monasteries of the period of the formation of religions, and other equally unique works of art and architecture. Travelers from all over the world visit Ukraine independently or as a part of personal tours and private excursions to experience the multifaceted and original culture of its people.

Nature of Ukraine

The natural beauty of the Ukrainian land is a precious frame of all the man-made monuments of its people - what can be more impressive than the panorama of the majestic Carpathian Mountains, the mirror-like surface of the Shatsky Lakes, and the picturesque landscapes of the Crimean peninsula? Any private guide will tell you that the favorable location in the central part of Europe has given Ukraine all the opportunities to become the center of not only excursion tourism, but also modern eco- tourism: many natural wonders are protected from the impact of man-made environment and preserve their pristine purity - the cleanest lakes and rivers and untouched forests cause no less interest than numerous art monuments nowadays. Prospects for health tourism are also possible thanks to the mild temperate climate of Ukraine: numerous salt caves and thermal springs of the Carpathians, mud resorts of the Black Sea coast are becoming popular destinations nowadays.

Landmarks of Ukraine

It is pretty difficult to list all the places that travelers should visit in a short article. Such places of interest are the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, located in the capital of Ukraine and belonging to UNESCO World Heritage sites - no private guide will ignore this amazing building. History lovers interested in the formation and development of Eastern Orthodox Christianity will be interested in visiting the caves of the Lavra, where today the imperishable relics of Orthodox saints are kept. Kiev is in no way inferior to other European capitals - Andriyivskyy Descent, which has a unique bohemian charm, can be compared with the Parisian Montmartre, with the souvenirs, paintings of local artists being sold here and cozy coffee houses being open. Even more interesting for independent travelers or members of private tours will be visiting numerous museums and galleries, houses of world-famous writers (for example, Mikhail Bulgakov's house, also located on Andriyivskyy Descent), where personal guides regularly conduct private excursions. Here, in Kiev, in the Museum of National Architecture and Life, you can immediately see the all of the Ukraine - from Zakarpattia Oblast to Poltava. The unique samples of Ukrainian architecture from all over the country are collected here: mills, peasant houses, churches. The territory of the museum also serves as a venue for various folklore historical festivals and fairs.
The city of Lviv can be called the heart of spiritual life and the center of the arts. A personal tour will allow you to see its unique examples of architecture of different time periods, and a private guide will certainly direct your attention to the pavement, which has been preserved to the present day since the reign of the Habsburgs; and a private excursion will definitely take you to see numerous antiquities. The aroma of freshly ground coffee, street restaurants, the sound of old trams - all of that creates a unique atmosphere of the European city, which is very much appreciated by travelers who regularly visit Lviv.
Each personal guide will tell you that the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi is interesting at any time of the year, but the best time for private excursions is the off-season, when you can view the sights, churches, fortresses, museums, admiring the picturesque landscapes without being distracted by the crowds of tourists from all over the world .
Odessa is a city known all over the world for its originality and a mixture of cultures. The story of a private guide about the Potemkin Stairs, which has become a decoration of many historical events, will help to recreate the image and atmosphere of the past. In the daytime this city will delight you with its museums and parks, and the nightlife with its variety of musical trends and parties on the Black Sea shore will surprise even the most experienced traveler.
The town of Kolomyia has its own sights, the main one of which is considered to be the egg-shaped museum Pysanka. The architectural monuments built during the times of the Austro-Hungarian domination, the history of which can be learned by listening to the story of the personal guide, will be interesting as well.

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