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The Palace of counts Tolstoy in Odessa

Tour description: The project of Francesco Boffo (an architect that created the Vorontsov Palace) was also used in the construction of the palace of counts Tolstoy. Both the palace itself and its interiors are in the spirit of classicism. The palace was built in 1832, and in 1897 an art gallery built in the Baroque style was added. Its solemn façade is made of different types of concrete, imitating valuable rock, and decorated with rich stucco decoration. Since 1934, the Odessa House of Scientists is located here, where symposia and congresses are systematically held.

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The Fountain Mirror Stream in Kharkiv

Tour description: The fountain Mirror Stream (it is also called the "Glass Stream") is a universally recognized symbol of Kharkiv. This water complex is located on Sumskaya Street, next to the Victory Square and another famous landmark - the National Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Nikolai Lysenko. The Mirror Jet fountain started its history in 1947. Since then it is one of the most visited places in Kharkiv among both locals and tourists. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that no wedding and excursion in the city can do without visiting this landmark.

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Uzhhorod Castle

Tour description: The heart of the ancient city of Uzhhorod, Uzhgorod Castle is one of the most well-preserved defense structures of Ukraine, leading its long and glorious military history from the 10th century. For almost eleven subsequent centuries, the Uzhgorod castle was rebuilt several times, and in our days has undergone a large-scale restoration, thanks to which nowadays it is comparable in appearance to many popular European castles. In the Uzhgorod Castle, you will see almost ten-feet thick walls that are almost untouched by time, will walk around the owners' quarters (which were able to withstand the siege on their own), admire the 10-meter-wide moat and the folding bridge, and also see the museum's exposition. In addition, the castle offers wonderful views of the city and its surroundings, so it is strongly recommended for a visit.

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St. Andrew's Church in Kiev

Tour description: St. Andrew's Church, built in 1744 on the steep bank of the Dnieper River for the arrival of Elizabeth I, is the only survived building of the famous architect Rastrelli in Kiev. Built in the Baroque style, the temple has the shape of a cross, the only dome rises in the center of it, and the four corners are decorated with decorative turrets.

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